Why Do Athletes Bite Olympic Medals? Answer Found

You must have seen a number of photos that the Athletes/Olympians bite their medals after they have won the match. Some of us notices it and some may not.

Is Olympic Medal tastes like a Chocolate/Cookie?

Have you ever wondered or doubted why Olympians Bite their Medals when posing to a Photo.

Probably, this is not a new trend. Olympians have been biting their medals since 1991.

Why do the Olympians bite their medals?

Why Olympians bite their medals? Sakshi Malik

There were a few people behind it and they’re Photographers.

Yes, it’s true. The photographers make them do it. They feel like all these photos of the champions standing still with their awards and smiling are boring, so these creative photographers started asking the winners to ‘taste’ their medals.

Tasting medal also pretends to check if they’re real or not.

Is Biting a Medal tells the quality of Gold?

People in ancient times used to check the quality of gold by biting it. As gold is a soft metal, teeth should leave bite marks on it.

A fact is that, gold medals in Olympic games are almost 93% silver.

Anyways, biting the medal is not hygienic.

That’s why some athletes like to kiss their medals, showing respect and love to the Olympic Games and their sport.

pv sindhu - why olympians bites olympic medal?

Congrats to all Rio Olympics Athletes who won medals for their countries.

And a special Congrats to PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik from India for winning Rio Olympic Medals.


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