Shirish Kunder’s ‘Kriti’ vs Nepalese Short Film ‘Bob’ | The Complete Story

Bob short film

Kriti, a Psychological Thriller Short film by Shirish Kunder which was released(on YouTube) on 22nd June. This short featured featured Manoj BajpayeeRadhika Apte and Neha Sharma. The film exploded online and quickly gained over a million hits within a couple of days.

After that a real story came into light. Aneel Neupane, a Nepal-based filmmaker has said in a Facebook post that Kunder has plagiarized his short film Bob. According to him he made a short title ‘Bob’ and it was been on YouTube from May 12th, 2016. His claim on Facebook post goes like this:

This is how Shirish Kunder responded on Twitter, claiming that Kriti was shot before the film was uploaded on YouTube.


It is clear as day that many of their plot points and production design elements are suspiciously similar, but the films end somewhat differently.

Anyways with this on going issue, both the films are getting a lot of views. Even the short film ‘Bob’ got 33000+ views now, previously it has just 3033 views. 

Watch the Bob short film here:

There’s a Win-Win Situation for both Kriti and Bob.



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