Hair Cut – This is What Really Happens in Rich Salons in Cities

hair cut

Hair Cut – We Men mostly been step into the Salon atleast once or twice in a month. Have you ever seen a salon where all the rich guys of the city and all the celebrities go to get a haircut. Have you ever tried to step in that Salon?

Happiness is Fresh New Hair Cut

Hair Cut , a short film by Humara Movie showcased a situation where a lower middle class guy steps into that one Big Salon and wants to experience it right before his marriage. He decides to visit the Drama Salon where all celebrities get a haircut. With hopes of a stylish makeover, he gathers a handsome amount to pay as bill, and steps in. Did he get the haircut he wanted? Did the experience satisfy him? Did he visit the salon again?

Well watch the beautifully narrated short for the details.


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