Gudiya | This Video On Child Trafficking And Prostitution Makes You Speechless

Gudiya - Child Trafficking And Prostitution

Gudiya, a 13 mins long documentary by Blush Originals, talks about how child trafficking is one of the best kept secrets of God’s own city Varanasi. Banaras (aka) Varanasi is the one of the oldest cities in India, the religious capital of India is also a city of Sex Trafficking.

Gudiya showcases stories of three women rescued by NGO Guria Sansthan.

In this documentary titled Gudiya, Women recall some horrifying experiences of how they were into this business. Also, we hear of children being kidnapped, gang raped and injected with hormonal injections to become commercial sex workers. We hear voices of helpless mothers and ignorant police officers. We can also see two people (Guria Sansthan) who are fighting for the good and we can believe there’s faith in humanity.

Guria, an organisation that has been wrangling for 14 years to rescue trafficked girls from the hands of the ruthless sex traffickers in the God’s own city of Varanasi.

“I see very young girls coming into brothels. They are not straightaway brought to the red light district. They are kept in a transit place where they are gang raped, tortured and given electric shocks. I see even newborn babies being trafficked from hospitals. Even as young as few months. And they’re grooming up these children, you know, through drugs, hormonal injections are given, some tablets are given for her to grow” said by Ajeet and Manju, Guria Sansthan.

“We are not Civilized yet. We are living in an uncivilized society. Eating by fork and knife is not about civilization” 

We urge you to raise your voice and support Guria organization. We urge you to save that one girl child, because she deserves to have a future.

This Video needs to be Watched and Shared. You can help one girl Child. 

Sources: Article, Coverimage



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