How GITA Helps Me To Take A Good Photograph?

How GITA helps in Photography

A Good Photography – We always want to make our Photography better everyday. Sometimes we plan to take a perfect photo and we’ll wait for hours and days too. I just want to show you that how GITA helps me in making my photography better.

Gita aka Bhagavad Gita is a Hindu scripture in Sanskrit that is part of Epic Mahabharata.

Wherever your photography is right now, it doesn’t matter. You might be a Beginner or Professional. I am about to show you three simple steps that you can take to get a good photo. If you follow them every time, you’ll find a dramatic improvement. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, give these 3 steps a try when you take your next Photograph.

These are the 3 steps derived from GITA I followed and that helps me to take a perfect photograph. Here, What I would like to tell you that a Perfect Photograph depends on “KARTHA-KARMA-KRIYA”.

KARTHA(कर्था) + KRIYA(क्रिया) = KARMA(कर्म)

1) Kartha – The Performer:

kartha - How GITA helps in Photography

Eyes, act as the Performer, which let me to stop for a moment and makes me to think about the object.

2) Kriya – Method/Implementation:

kriya - How GITA helps in Photography

Here, Mind decides What and How to Implement. Internally, it creates a blueprint of the Photograph and makes you act upon it. It puts my thoughts into Action.

3) Karma- The Consequence:

How Kriya - GITA helps in Photography

The Result, depends on how we made it and also including the other internal/external factors of the situation.



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