Eat with It and Then Eat It | Introducing Edible Cutlery to Eat After Your Meal

Bakeys Edible Cutlery

Narayana Peesapathy, groundwater researcher from Hyderabad realised the danger plastic poses and came up with a plan and founded Bakeys Food Pvt Ltd – a company that’s looking to replace plastic cutlery(spoons, forks, and even chopsticks) with an edible alternative in 2010 and he has been working on it.

Narayana Peesapaty with Edible Cutlery
Narayana Peesapaty with Edible Cutlery

How the Idea of Edible Cutlery Came?

It all began when Narayana Peesapathy ordered a meal of Idly & Sambar and decided to run his finger on a plastic spoon he got with the meal, and realized that the spoon was still greasy and seemed to be reused. He became aware of the harmful effects of plastic, not only to the environment but also to our health when used as cutlery, he was stunned. But he did not stop there. He came up with a solution that most of us wouldn’t have thought of, and actually made it happen! Plastic cutlery also inherently has a number of poisonous and cancerous chemicals that seep into the food when used.

Edible Desert Spoons
Bakeys Edible Desert Spoons

Why edible cutlery could be good for you?

Bakey’s uses a mix of Jowar, Rice and Wheat flour to manufacture edible cutlery that includes spoons in different shapes, and even chopsticks. In case you’re wondering how that works with hot food – don’t worry, it does not get soggy. Not even in water. Even if the thought of consuming your cutlery after consuming your food sounds a little weird to you, you could throw them away knowing that it will decompose within 5-6 days. If not, it can become a source of food for pets, insects or rodents.

The cutlery is available in three flavours – Plain, Sweet and Spicy.

Edible Chopsticks
Bakeys Edible Chopsticks

Based in Hyderabad, the manufacturing unit of Bakey’s is an all-women enterprise, soon to be taken over by Narayana’s wife.

Till now, over 1.5 million people have started using Bakey’s edible cutlery instead of plastic. You should too.

You can check out Bakey’s Edible cuttlery and Order yourself too.

Check out this video – Narayana Peesapaty telling about Edible Cutlery:


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