This Beautiful Ramzan Advertisement Will Touch Your Heart | Celebrating the spirit of Ramzan

Surf Excel Ramadan Ad - Amaan

A new advertisement that has gone viral on social media in the spirit of the Islamic holy month of Ramzan is probably one of the most beautiful things you will see today.

Why this Advertisement is so special?

The hero of this 2-minute ad is an adorable boy who puts on his best clothes and goes out on the streets with his friends right before Iftaar (breaking of fast) begins.

Surf Excel Ramadan Ad - Amaan

When he spots an old samosa vendor’s cart get stuck in a ditch on his way to the market. The little boy takes some of the samosas’ in his kurta and goes out to the market and screams, “Samose le lo, garam garam samose”, which his friends follows the same and take the samosas’ in their kurtas and start selling them.

Surf Excel Ramadan Ad - Old Man

Of course, their kurtas are greasy and spotted by the time the boys are done and they’re worried about it, until the boy’s mother, who has seen it all, reassures them that “daag acche hain”, especially when you got them doing a good deed or lending a helping hand.

Surf Excel Ramadan Ad - Three Kids

The Advertisement was directed by Vasan Bala, the writer for The Lunchbox, Bombay Velvet, etc.

Watch the advertisement here. I am pretty sure you’ll definitely love it.






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