8 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Completely Under Your Eyes

Dark circles can affect both men and women. Each one of us have suffered from dark circles at one or the other point in our lives. Now there are many reasons for dark circles to appear under your eyes. From stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, a disturbed lifestyle, hereditary and many more. But if not treated on time, they will not only dull your overall appearance, it can also lead to serious health issues. The area under the eye gets darker in colour; the skin gets a lot thinner and delicate than anywhere else on the face.

Whatever the reason might be, finally if you’re suffering with Dark Circles we need to be treated on it. Though chemical based products helps in getting rid of them, but then there are many who have an extremely sensitive skin and only pure home remedies can help them. We list down some easy and doable home remedies which will help you to get rid of dark circles.

1. Drinking at least 10 glasses of water everyday will help eliminate wasteful toxins from your body.

1 drinking water
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2. Freeze a metal spoon overnight in the freezer and apply it under your eyes upon waking up followed by a face cream.

2 freeze metal spoon
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3. Apply cold used tea bags or herbal tea leaves on your eyes to sooth them.

3 cold used tea bags
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4. Put cucumber or potato slices over your eye lids for at least 10 minutes and wash your eyes with cold water post that. This will sooth tired eyes instantly and will help boost blood circulation.

4 potatoes
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5. Make a mixture of a teaspoon of tomato juice, a few drops of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and a little flour. Apply this paste to the under eye area and wash off after 15 minutes.

5 tomato juice
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6. Daily sleep of at least 8 hours will do you enough good and help you get rid of dark circles.

Alarm Clock on bedside table
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7. Limit your intake of Coffee/Tea those includes caffeine which is dehydrating your body to the core.

7 limit coffee
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8. Avoid going out when the sun is at its strongest, that is, around noon to about 4pm. Apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses if you really have to!

8 sunlight
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Thanks to our lifestyle and late-night work schedules, it’s extremely common. But, Be sure you are following some of these and make sure to live a healthier and happy life.


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