25 Things to Follow For A Happy and Healthy Relationship

21. be romantic

We do love to Love our beloved ones and we even love to be loved by them. But being in any relationship is a wonderful journey that lasts happiness. But sometimes small glitches causes healthy relationships to unhealthy, happy to unhappy. But to make a happier and healthier relationships, we should do something new. Curejoy came up with 25 things to follow that makes a Relationship to be Lovable Relationship.

1. Show Respect

1. show respect

2. Laugh Together

2. laugh together

3. Always Support Each Other

3. support each other

4. Give Individual Space

4. give each other

5. Trust

5 trust

6. Compromise

6. compromie

7. No Anger

7.no angry on bed

8. Forgive & Forget

8. forgive and forget

9. Past is Past

9. leave the past

10. Compliment Each Other

10. compliment

11. Be Yourself

12. dont change

12. Appreciate and Compliment

12. appreciate

13.  Stay True

13. true and loyal

14. Encourage Each Other

14. encourage each other

15. Never Judge

17. give more

16. Talk Honestly

17. give more

17. Give More

17. give more

18. Remember Every Special Moments

18. remember special days

19. Always Be Together

21. be romantic

20. Never Miss a Kiss

21. be romantic

21. Romantic Dinners

21. be romantic

22. Regular Check ins

22. check in each other

23. Turn Off Phones

23. switch off cell phones

24. Make Surprises

24. surprises

25. Together, Try New

25. try new things

Never ever make him/her to be alone. Because Being in Love is the Best Thing in Life.


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